This Is the Difference in Laser Surgeries – Lasik and Lasek

If you are considering laser eye surgery, one of the things that is confusing for many people is the difference between the two types of laser eye processes that are offered- Lasik and Lasek.


If you live in Michigan, there has been a very short guide to give patients the basics. Of course, the clinic teams at Lasik Eye Surgery Michigan can take you through the procedures in detail and recommend the right procedure for you.

What is laser eye surgery?

There are two laser eye treatment processers: Lasik and Lasek. The main difference between the two is how the cornea is opened to allow the laser in.

What is LASIK?

Lasik has been performed for over 20 years and it has helped to improve the vision of millions of people during that time. During Lasik treatment, the first laser will cut a thin flap on the first layer of your eye (cornea). The protective flap is then opened like a door, and the 2nd laser will be used to correct your vision by reshaping the cornea. Both eyes are normally done on the same day.


The recovery process is fast, and a patient should be able to drive and return to work within about 24 hours of the treatment. Many patients notice an immediate improvement n their vision but for others it may take a few weeks for their vision to completely heal.

What is Lasek?

A better choice if a patient has a cornea that is thin or any medical problem that makes laser eye surgery more challenging to complete. During the surgery only one laser will be used to correct vision – rather than the two that are used in Lasik.

Alcohol solution

A solution of alcohol is put on the eye’s surface in an ultra-thin sheet.  This solution loosens the layer that is very thin of cells on the eye’s surface, called the epithelium. These cells are then gently motivated to the side of the eye, giving the surgeon the ability to get to the layer of the cornea with the laser that is used to reshape the cornea.

After laser reshaping

After the reshaping the cornea, a protective contact lens is put on the eye to comfort the eye while it heals. This lens is usually removed after about 4 days. Just like Lasik, both eyes can be done on the same day. The recovery process can be slightly longer – normally by a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Lasik

  • Fast to complete;
  • Fast recovery time – usually 24 hours to a week;
  • Suitable for most patients.

Benefits of Lasek

  • Able to correct the vision of people with corneas that are thinner or pre-existing conditions;
  • Most effective treatment when patient have levels that higher of short – sightedness (myopia);
  • Smaller risk of dry eyes.

Main difference

The main difference is the way the cornea is opened allowing access for the laser and the most appropriate method depends on the thickness of your cornea. Therefore, these procedure types work with various people.

Medical professionals

Only a medical professional at Michigan Lasik Eye Surgery  will be able to tell you which laser eye surgery you are best suited to. Both treatments offer the exact same quality of results and both are as effective as the other.