Depression As a Disability

Depression is a serious mental illness and affects almost millions all over the world every year. It is common news in the newspapers or on the television about the suicidal rates due to depression is getting higher every year. Depression is a mental disability which affects almost all the daily activities of the sufferer. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are one of the prime symptoms. It is believed that people with disability have more chances to suffer from depression. The reason might be the new daily challenges that they face and the stress due to those challenges. Another thing which is important to know is that not all the disable people get depressed, it depends individually. A positive thinker would never get depressed as compared to a negative thinker.

Depression in Disabled Persons

Only 2 out of 10 people with disability suffer from depression. The biggest reason of disable people to suffer from depression is the everyday challenges that they face. The risk of depression becomes huge if they are unable to perform certain tasks because of depression. However, there are disable people that have positive mind sets towards daily life challenges, due to which the risks of these people to suffer from depression is almost negligible. Following are some of the reasons due to which a disable person may get depressed:

  • It is hard for disables to perform their daily tasks such as shopping etc; they find it difficult to move outside without the help of wheel chairs or other support. They find themselves a bit slower than the normal people, as a result of which they might get depressed.
  • Unemployment is also another reason for the depressive state in disables. All the firms and organization seek work at fast pace due to which a normal person that can perform work at rapid pace is selected as compared to a disabled person. As a result of which a disabled person finds himself as a discriminated person, this may lead to depression.
  • Disability becomes a big problem when you want to take part in social activities. You want to be a part of society but due to disability barriers, you feel shy or hesitate, which can also lead to serious state of depression.
  • Health is also one of the reasons in disable people to get depressed. It is not common that a disabled person suffers from health problems, but there are some disable people that have health problems, and they need to go to the health clinic for daily health check. Disabled people are unable to go to the clinic on their own, and every time look for someone to take them to clinic. Disabled people usually feel helpless in this situation; and start feeling worthlessness and helplessness more than often due to which the chances of depression in them become stronger.

If you are disabled and want to get rid of depression, you to have positive mind sets, you need to realize that there are some things that are not meant for you or for any other normal human being. Just live your life the way it comes. Do not bother about rest of the world.