Curtis Cripe: A Great Neuroengineer & Psychophysiology Specialist

A vast range of therapies, procedures and treatments are there that can help to overcome human brain dysfunction. These therapies, procedures and treatments mix neuro-engineering philosophies with neuroscience skills in order to offer a revolutionary method, program, and cognitive rehabilitative system for individuals with brain activity related dysfunctions. NTL group is one such firm which diagnoses neuron based dysfunctions and then offers the right therapies to help conquer those.

Curtis Cripe: The Neuroengineer with a background in engineering, psychophysiology, Physiology, cells, structures, memories and child neurodevelopment

Curtis Cripe has been working with NTL group and his activities comprise a diverse choice of areas and interests. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, NTL Group offers neuroengineered services for the people especially for those who are suffering from human brain and brain activity related issues such as:

  • NeuroCodeX
  • NeuroEval
  • NeuroPathways
  • NeuroCoach

Dr. Cripe has been working at NTL group as Behavioral Medicine – NeuroEngineer and has been working with the firm since January 2011. After completing Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering he has obtained a Master’s degree in engineering from California State Polytechnic University. Afterward Dr. Cripe obtained a Master’s degree and a PhD in health psychology and behavioral medicine from NorthCentral University. Post graduating from California State Polytechnic, Dr. Cripe started a productive aerospace engineering profession. He has been associated with Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and then he has also managed software development for Defense Department projects.

Later on Dr. Curtis wanted to shift his focus to a totally different field and this is when he entered the field of behavioral medicine. He has established Crossroads Institute and has conducted a skilled network that expanded in more than twelve locations in several states. The Crossroads Institute is known to offer therapies for children who are suffering from learning disabilities, autism, and other developmental problems, and also offers treatments for adults who face issues like nervousness, despair, head injuries and substance abuse.

Being a master of physiology, cells, structures, memories Curtis Cripe has written articles that focuses on the field of Behavioral Medicine and Neuroscience and these posts have been published in numerous peer-reviewed periodicals. The article written by Dr. Cripe in regards to the use of LENS unit has been published in the year 2006 in the Journal of Neurotherapy. Besides this, in the year 2006 another article of Dr. Cripe has been published which includes the information about Learning Disabilities, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADD/ADHD. Moreover, another article which is related to substance abuse recovery has also been published in the year 2014. All of these articles have been able to garner positive reviews from the common people.

As of now, under the guidance, supervision and leadership, of Dr. Curtis, the core research team of NTL takes advantage of proof based methods found in the form of mapping, graphics and text to discover the main dysfunctional sections of the brain. The brain mapping is carried out and is supported by innovative cognitive testing that aids identify the most precise disabled part. The results then assist professionals to design objective based rehab programs flawlessly and productively.