The Cosmetic Surgery Trends We Could See In 2019

Cosmetic surgery has grown hugely in popularity over recent years, not least because of the growth of social media and the appeal of having ‘that look’. With cosmetic surgery being offered in many different forms, such as breast enhancement and facelifts, there is something that could potentially appeal to everyone.

2018 brought a lot of exciting trends that we know are going to continue to be popular through into 2019. There is now a solution for practically any external problem you may not like about your body.2019 is approaching quickly and we want to have a closer look as to what the cosmetic surgery trends are going to be.

Perfect Your Saggy Facial Skin  

Peels are increasing in popularity and this one is no exception. We strongly believe that facial peels will become an even bigger trend in 2019, so why not try one now so you’re ready for the New Year? A PRX peel contains a low dose of hydrogen peroxide, which allows the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to seep into the deeper layers of your skin. The TCA works on the dermis and stimulates growth factors, which help to repair the skin. In just half an hour of treatment, PRX gel is applied to your clean skin and the process is repeated three times. You may experience a small stinging sensation when the solution is applied, but nothing you ladies can’t handle! Plus, this slight discomfort is worth the fantastic result you will get from this treatment. With a skin that glows and resembles the springy complexion of a 20-year-old, you will definitely be recommending this treatment to your friends, making it a likely cosmetic trend for 2019.

Say Goodbye To Bingo Wings

No one wants bingo wings, no matter what age you are. With this problem being universal, we know for a fact that this following form of cosmetic surgery will likely be a trend throughout 2019. The CoolSculpting procedure involves a small machine which freezes any fat cells and encourages them to evacuate your body via the lymphatic system. Due to it being a rather icy treatment, you may feel a little cold in that area, followed by a gradual numbing sensation as the gel applied to the specific area cools.

No More Cellulite For You

Cellulite can make you feel fat, self-conscious and can prevent you from wanting to get your legs out in the summer. You don’t need to feel like this anymore! Cellfina is a new treatment that is taking off and will be flying straight into 2019 to help you ladies say goodbye to the cellulite on your body that you detest! Local anaesthetic is injected into the thigh or bottom (wherever your cellulite is), followed by a motorised needle that is held over the marked dimple on your body. The fat deposits are hoovered into the handheld device and the bands of connective tissues are released from the needle to attach the fat to the skin. The result is a tighter, smoother appearance for the area where the cellulite originated. We won’t lie to you, the treatment can be painful and you may want to grit your teeth. However, the results prove to be worth the 40 minutes of pain you have to endure which could be solved with a local anaesthetic.

Enhance Your Breasts  

The procedure to enhance your breasts is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries around and has been for many years. We know that it will continue to be a trend through 2019, because there are so many factors that can lead to someone deciding to have a breast enhancement. Some ladies feel flat chested and want to enhance their breasts to feel more feminine. Other women may have been very unfortunate to have experienced cancer that has resulted in the removal of one, both or part of their breast. Therefore, a breast enhancement can be really important for someone’s self-esteem and confidence.

Although it can be quite expensive, the results prove that the procedure is worth it. The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic, where the surgeon cuts an incision next to the breast and positions an implant between your breast tissue and chest muscle. The incision is then stitched up and covered with a dressing.

There is such a wide range of cosmetic surgeries on offer, so we recommend that you do plenty of research to ensure that the procedure that you want is right for you. We also suggest that you speak to a specialist and your GP, so you can weigh up the pros and cons of the procedures. Keep an eye out for other cosmetic surgeries that might make an appearance in 2019.