Coolsculpting Is The Coolest Method Of Reducing Body Fats

Hello, I am Jessica and happily living a married life. After giving birth to my second child I was gaining some extra weight in the belly area of my body. I am very much concern of how my body looks. After two years of giving birth, I started to perform exercise and started a diet plan. Even I was working hard on my exercise the fats on my belly area were not reducing. I was not able to wear my favorite red dress. Inside that dress, my belly fats were clearly visible and I hated to look like a woman with fat belly. Then one of my friends told me about Russak Dermatology Clinic coolsculpting new york.

Visiting the clinic

I called Russak Dermatology Clinic and asked for an appointment. I went on a weekend and told about my problem. The treatment they were offering was about coolsculpting new york. I was concern about the treatment because I have never heard about it. I was talking with Dr. Julie Russak and she was that one that answered all my questions. She is not a time waster and talks exactly to the point. She advised me that she can perform the procedure now but she has to take some tests first.

Things to know about coolsculpting

The method of coolsculpting had been approved by FDA. It is a non-surgical method and does not require any injection or cutting the body. An applicator is used to suck the fat cells and crystallizes then by cooling them down. The applicator is used only on a particular area and no other skin area is damaged in this process. The process is completely safe and it is performed in a clinic. There is not much time taken to perform coolsculpting. After the process is completed the patient goes back to their normal work.

My experience of coolsculpting

I was asked to go for some tests before going through coolsculpting. The tests were normal ones like blood test and few others. When I was laying and the applicator was being used on my belly. I was actually seeing everything from my naked eyes. I asked if they are going to use any anesthesia on me or not. The physician laughed and told me that there is no need for any anesthesia. First, there was some sort of itching sensation on my belly area but after a while itching was gone. I was playing some games on my mobile and even phoned my husband to know about kids. Within an hour the treatment was over and I was ready to go home.

Time take to reduce the belly fats

Just after the treatment of coolsculpting is over the results are not attained then only. It took me more than two weeks to notice that my belly fats are not to be noticed. Now when I wear my red dress, I look fabulous just like I used to look before. With the non-surgical weight loss treatment, I look younger.