Are You Considering Buying A Sharps Container? Here Are Few Tips

To keep your home or workplace safe, you should consider purchasing an OSHA approved sharps disposal container where you may throw all your sharp wastes. Therefore, choosing the right kind of disposal container is very important and also you need to choose it very carefully.

Any used needles or syringes (sharps) may contain blood or body fluid, which has the risk of transmitting HIV, hepatitis and other kind of blood-borne diseases. Those people who dispose of these sharp objects must take great care while handling them and therefore the containers must be so designed that that it is safe to carry them.

While buying any sharps container disposal for your home, you must ask these questions to yourself.

  1. Is the container approved by OSHA and/or FDA?

It is very important to buy only such containers for sharp disposable that are approved by FDA and follows all the regulations that are imposed for these sharps containers. These sharps containers are mostly used as single use only. The material used for the container must preferably be rigid plastic, transparent and having very tight lid.

It must also be leak resistant and there should be warning labels posted on the container. By choosing FDA complaint sharps container, you are assuring safe container, which will ensure no health violation.

  1. What size sharps container do I need?

You must be aware of how much sharp waste you generated in a day. With a good understanding of your sharps volume you will want a container that is capable of containing enough volume for at least a month or longer.  Since these containers are meant for single use only and hence if you choose to buy small sized containers then you need to buy several of them.

This will naturally increase your cost. If you are buying for a hospital or any healthcare center then you will need a large sized sharps container as there are plenty of sharp wastages generated in a day. However, if you are buying for your home or any other business where only smaller quantites of sharps waste is generated, then you should consider a smaller size container.

  1. Is the container durable enough?

The sharps disposal container should be such that it cannot be easily punctured by the sharp objects that are to be stored by the container. Certain types of plastics have the tendency to become softer at specific environmental temperature while other hard plastic may be brittle during hot weather and likely to break if dropped.  Therefore, you should choose material that is tough and leak proof so that no fluids can come out and contaminate the environment.

  1. Can I see the contents inside the container?

These containers should not be filled beyond 75 percent of the capacity and also must always be closed. FDA requires clear markings to identify the fill line on the outside of the container.  Therefore, you should choose clear plastic material so that it is possible to see the contents inside.