An overview about hip replacement surgery


The modern version of hip replacement surgery was invented in the year 1962. It happens to be a surgical procedure where you go on to replace the hip joint with a prosthetic implant. In certain cases these conditions would improve, but no cure has been associated with joint pain and certain rehab measures or joint pain could not be controlled ...

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Is Laser Eye Surgery the Future?

Laser Eye Surgery

Around 23 million people experience difficulty with their sight. Until a few decades ago, there were no other options other than to wear glasses. Eye corrective laser surgery has made leaps and bounds in recent years, but will it replace the age old norm of eyeglasses? Eye laser surgery is where a knife is used to cut a small flap ...

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Is Refractive Laser Surgery Safe

When you think about surgery on your eyes, the delicacy of the process can make you think twice, especially when it involves reshaping the cornea. However, refractive laser surgery today is considered a safe procedure for the eyes. A Safe Procedure Many people do not know that refractive laser surgery has been practiced for the last two decades. Therefore, innovations ...

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Getting Rid Of Baggy Eyes With And Without Surgery

This article will cover all the details of surgery that you need to know, while also showing the possible results without the surgery. In any case, if you are looking for a great doctor, you should check out Dr. Naveen Somia, a plastic surgeon in Bondi, Sydney. When people meet, the first thing they usually notice are your eyes. This ...

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All about the Salary of Neurosurgeons

A neurosurgeon is a specialized physician in diagnosis and surgical treatment of certain peripheral and central nervous system disorders that are non-operative. The diseases and disorders include vascular disorders, trauma, stroke, brain or spine infections, congenital anomalies, or spine’s degenerative diseases. A neurosurgeon performs more spine surgeries rather than the brain, and some are specialized in various types of problems ...

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6 Reasons To Go For Facial Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a common treatment availed by people across the world irrespective of their ages. It enhances the beauty and also helps the patients get rid of any scars. This famous treatment needs to be availed from a reputed surgeon who has adequate experience in this field. Having a plastic surgery doesn’t mean the inclusion any foreign substances ...

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What are Your Knee Replacement Surgery Options

When the knee is neither performing or responding to treatment or medication, clinicians may suggest knee replacement surgery. There are two options here. There is partial knee and total knee replacement. The latter encompasses over 90 percent of these surgeries. Total Knee Replacement Since 1968, when the first successful knee replacement was completed, the medical community has dynamically improved the ...

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