How to Treat Addiction?

Drug treatment or drug addiction treatment is meant for helping the addicted individuals to stop abusing themselves with drugs or seeking drugs from here and there. This treatment can occur in quite a few variety of settings and can also take different forms. The duration for which they last can also vary from one person to another. Just because this ...

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Practicing Mindfulness to Prevent Drug Addiction Relapses

One of the most gnawing complaints of drug rehabilitation centers is frequent cases of relapse in addicts. Disgruntled addicts, despite spending a hefty sum on de-addiction, often get back to the old habit in no time. Drug rehabilitation centers are making consistent efforts to help addicts prevent relapses and lead a normal life. Practicing mindfulness is one among numerous methods ...

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Alcohol Ads Leading to Addiction in Youth?

An array of factors – ranging from biological and psychological to socio-cultural and spiritual – are believed to influence alcohol addiction. Among teens, influence groups comprising elder siblings, friends and other social groups play a major role in aggravating the habit of occasional drinking, often leading to an addiction. According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health ...

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