Boldenone for Bodybuilders – A Discussion of Cycles, Effects, and Food to Eat

The gym is a good place to start acting for your body goals. If you want to get ripped, then lifting weights can bring out an impressive output. But of course, you must never forget proper diet as well. Without diet, attaining your goals is really difficult.

Aside from diet and workout, many are taking steroids. These are incredible drugs which assist individuals to grow muscles and to get big. One of the best-used steroids of today is an injectable brand of Boldenone. Here are essential things you need to know about the supplement where a lot of bodybuilders have achieved their goals through the help of it.

Appropriate Cycles to Follow

Boldenone, or which is known as Equipoise, is an anabolic steroid which obtains limited versatility than Testosterone. Equipoise works by retaining the same anabolic strength while Testosterone exhibits far less estrogenic and androgenic activity. When it comes to the cycle of Boldenone, people may use it for bulking or for cutting. This drug can be taken for around 10-12 weeks. As for stacking, Boldenone is best used with non-aromatizing drugs such as Masteron and Primobolan. For proper use, it is best to inject the supplement twice a week as the user may get more sufficient effects that are great for the blood levels. For those individuals who wish to use the product for appetite, then they can have lower doses here such as by having 400mg of the injectable form every week.

Diet Tips

When using steroids such as Boldenone, it is essential to follow an apt diet plan. Consuming healthy meals is necessary to get more effects of the supplement. Those foods you need to consume are:

o   Foods low in calories

It is best to have a low-calorie diet so you won’t gain too much weight. Of course, you are using the steroid to get the balance you want. Too many calories in your diet may only cover up the function of the steroid and of your workout. Low-calorie meals always prevent cholesterol and high sugar levels. What you need to get here are high-fiber grains, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats and some other alternatives.

o   Foods low in sodium

Sodium is found in most foods humans eat. Usually, sodium is found in salt. It works incredibly in controlling the amount of water your body obtains. Not only that, this nutrient also helps in blood pressure. But you have to take note that too much sodium is harmful so always take an amount low enough to answer your needs.

o   Foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D

Meals which are rich in calcium and Vitamin D help in strengthening your bones. Always be sure to take dairy as part of your diet. Consider broccoli, baked beans, and salmon as well.


Using Boldenone is similar to other types of steroids; you need to be cautious with the dosage. Only follow the recommended dose which is found on the bottle’s label. Overdosing Boldenone may cause nasty effects such as acne, oily skin, voice deepening, and excess hair growth. Also, you have to be keen on your diet and workout. Without them, then it is surely difficult to achieve your goals.