Bodybuilding Has Never Been the Same

Before the advent of bodybuilding that we know today, the culture of bodybuilding traces its roots among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. They engaged in weight training primarily to gain strength and measure power. In ancient India, stone dumbbell weights were lifted by those who wanted to enhance health and stamina to help them overcome their difficulties in life.

Centuries spanned and there emerged large – scale body building competitions. Bodybuilding became a very popular sport. Body building gave birth the fame of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was adjudged Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia for a number of times.

Bodybuilding before Steroids

Bodybuilding in its earliest form was aimed at achieving and maintaining balance physiques and losing body fats. Weight training and dieting characterized bodybuilding before. The sport had clearly been adopted by the society. As years passed, the emphasis was shifted to having bodybuilders getting more muscular. This emphasis on size influenced an extreme approach to physical development.

Introduction of Steroids

The use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding in the 1960s made the sport even more popular. The anabolic steroid may come in the form of an injectable steroid that is common for bodybuilders. It also comes in the form of oral pills or cream. Body – builders then, found a way to make them look muscular by stacking steroids. The use of dangerous growth hormones and insulin was also a trend in the ‘80s. Amateur and professional bodybuilders engaged in this dangerous trend to become popular and maximize their earning potential. In the ‘90s, training techniques, dietary strategies, and drugs become the norm for the improvement of the physique.

Positive Effects of Steroids

  • Increase recovery time for individuals dramatically
  • Increase the muscle size of the user
  • Reduce fat in the human body
  • Use to treat certain conditions
  • Positively accelerates red blood cell production
  • Improves physical strength and endurance level
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Steroids restore appetite of HIV victims

Negative Effects of Steroids

  • Adversely affects the brain of the user
  • Causes eye, skin, and hair damage
  • Causes heart diseases
  • Causes several disorders in the stomach
  • Inhibits growth
  • Potentially impairs immune function
  • Causes Oedema or the condition of being bloated
  • Harms the prostate gland
  • Leads to impotence

Is Steroid Use Legal in the US?

The enumeration of the advantages of the steroid use was not enough to prove that is should be allowed in the US. The federal government prohibits the use or possession of steroids. Anyone who is caught using, selling, or buying steroids in the US are criminally liable. However, in cases where it is approved by a medical practitioner, then its use is allowed.

Steroids have been making a name by helping bodybuilders achieve the muscular body that they want. However, in buying it, knowing the consequences of its purchase in areas where it is prohibited is more important than knowing the benefits you get from taking it. Bodybuilders should also caution themselves not to take more than the amount of steroid prescribed by the doctor. Or else, bodybuilding will not be the same for them.