Beyond Inducing Sleep – Various Health Benefits of Melatonin


According to a research, it is proved that the people suffering from the sleeping disorders are getting more day by day. People vary in the pattern of disturbed sleep such as some people suffer from the disturbed sleep or totally absence of sleep while some people do not get the regular or continuous sleep. But there is nothing a surprise factor in this because most of the people who suffers from the decreased sleep is due to reduction of the melatonin and the stores of melatonin get further disturbed with the increasing age.

Apart from the sleep, the melatonin helps to safeguard the life of the people from the cancer. One can get rid of the diseases like Alzheimer disease and migraine issues with the usage of melatonin. Once the melatonin stores get deplete, the risk of suffering from the diseases like Alzheimer disease and migraine gets increase. In simple words, the proper stores of melatonin not only help in inducing the sleep but also support the immune system as well as nervous system of the body.

Health and melatonin

Melatonin is the hormone, which is naturally produced in the human body and considered as the natural hormone which is beneficial for the overall health of the body. Apart from inducing sleep, it helps in treating the several other diseases and if anyone knows that they are deficient in this hormone then they should take it in the form of supplements so as to prevent any further diseases. All these supplements are available on the online stores like melatonina comprar and one can have it on their home. Here are certain diseases, which can be treated and prevented by the usage of melatonin supplements.

  • Neurological disorders – This hormone helps in treating the diseases like Alzheimer disease. It is proved that the patients who are suffering from this disease are low in melatonin. So having the melatonin helps to prevent and treat this disease.
  • Heart care – This hormone helps in reduction of the cholesterol levels and also helps in maintaining the blood pressure normal.

Boosts immunity – This hormone helps in boosting the immunity and prevents the immunity related disorders.