Best Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking can obviously be a destructive habit, after all, because it can damage your health, your relationships, and even your career if you don’t have the habit under control. Many smokers at would love to be able to quit, but feel that it’s nearly impossible. It’s true that it’s incredibly difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible, especially if you’re strategic, deliberate, and committed. You have to know exactly how you’re going to quit if you’re going to be successful. It’s wise to take a look at the various strategies that work for others, and try to find a way that will work for you. Of course, you can also combine various strategies to give yourself an even better chance. Above all else, even if you try and fail, you have to be resolved not to give up. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else, and keep at it until you’re able to quit. Take a look at the strategies below and pick out a couple that you believe could help you.

Write Down All Things You Love and Hate about Cigarettes

Before you take any steps to quit, you really need to know why you’re doing it, and what things might get in your way. It would be a great idea to write down all the things that you like about smoking. You may be surprised at how many reasons there are to keep doing it. It may help you to relax, to think, or it may be a great way for you to socialize with friends at work. How can writing all of this down help you and not hurt you? It gives you an opportunity to understand what is so appealing about smoking, and that can help you to find ways to get similar benefits from healthier habits. For example, if you find that smoking helps you relax, you might try drinking tea instead.

You should also write down everything that you hate about your smoking habit. This can help you to stay motivated when you’re having a difficult day. Again, you may be surprised by all of the things that you hate about smoking, and this can be a strong force to motivate your efforts to quit. Be sure to refer back to this list whenever you’re having difficulty.

Set a Quit Date

Pick a date at a reasonable point in the future that will be the last day you will ever smoke. Next, make a firm commitment to that date, and to the fact that, starting on that day, you will never smoke another cigarette. However, you have to be strategic about this day, and here are multiple ways to do this. Although you could just choose a day arbitrarily, it would probably be more effective to pick a day with some significance. Whether that’s your anniversary, the beginning of the year, the beginning of a new month, or anything else you want, make sure that it’s meaningful and memorable. In addition, you don’t want to pick a date that’s too far out into the future as you might lose some of your enthusiasm by that point. Try to pick a date that’s no more than ninety days in the future. You may also want to make a handful of friends or family members aware that beginning on that day you will no longer be a smoker.

Write Out a Plan

Now that you’ve set a date to quit smoking, you’ll want to formulate a plan as to how you will do this. Although it’s possible to abruptly stop smoking all at once, it’s generally not very effective. Instead of trying this, write out a plan and outline what you’re going to do between now and then. Perhaps you could gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day until that date. Just make sure that you write down your plan so it becomes solidified in your mind. This will prove to be extremely helpful, since it will make it impossible to forget what you resolved to do.

Keep a Journal

It’s said that the first step to change is admitting that there’s a problem. No doubt you believe that smoking is a problem for you, but have you admitted this to yourself on paper or out loud? The world’s most successful people keep journals, because it helps them to recognize their failures and accomplishments, and to look at themselves objectively. If you have a relapse, or smoke more than you’d hoped to on a particular day, you need to acknowledge this, so it doesn’t happen again. This can be an extremely powerful tool along with writing in your journal, and it can also be used to help replace your smoking habit. Many experts from suggest doing something else when you would normally smoke. For example, if you normally smoke during your work breaks, you could instead take ten or fifteen minutes to write.

Replace the Habit with E-cigarettes

While replacing the smoking habit with other good habits like journaling can be effective, it’s generally more effective if you can involve the same senses and create similar sensations. Electronic cigarettes have the advantage of feeling somewhat similar to regular cigarettes. While the taste and feel aren’t exactly the same, it’s a close enough analogue that it satisfies the needs of many smokers. You can get cartridges for these cigarettes in many different flavours, and you may even find something that you like better than your regular cigarette. Additionally, electronic cigarette cartridges can be purchased with different levels of nicotine, which means that your body can avoid the withdrawals that would normally be a problem when attempting to quit smoking. Some people worry that this won’t help, however, since they’ll still end up being dependent on the electronic cigarettes. However, the great thing about this option is you can gradually decrease the dose of nicotine by purchasing cartridges with lower and lower dosages. You can eventually get to the point where you aren’t taking in any nicotine, even though you’re still smoking electronic cigarettes. From there, you can gradually reduce the smoking habit without the nicotine creating other problems for you. You can purchase starter kits from an online e-cigarette company like at if you want to get started with this option.