Best Most Popular Brands of Phentermine Diet Pills Exposed!

Phentermine is a diet pill that curtails your appetite and enhances your energy levels. These Phentermine dispensary diet pills are efficient in helping you with your weight loss. There are different types to choose from, depending on your need and preference.

Here are the best and most popular Phentermine over the counter diet pills for weight loss.


This brand of weight loss supplement was launched into the market for human consumption at the end of 2016 as substitute to slow release pills. Lomaira has only 8mg of active ingredient per tablet, unlike other brands that have high doses of Phentermine per capsule / tablet. You can administr it as much as three times a day before meals. Lomaira is white and has blue specks. It resembles doggy cookies and provides you with a more controlled way of injecting energetic ingredient into your bloodstream.

Adipex P

This particular brand is the most demanded across the globe! Regrettably you can only buy Adipex online or in any pharmacy in North America. In other words, you cannot buy this Phentermine over the counter anywhere else in the world. One tablet or capsule of Adipex P is to be admistered daily to last you for the whole day.

The multi-layer and gradual release mechanism of this diet supplement is planned to remain in your stomach during the day and just melt layer by layer, discharging HCL substance right inside your bloodstream little by little and hour by hour.



This is the costliest brand of this weight loss pills. Unlike all other products, Qsymia is premeditated in a different way. Each capsule of Qsymia consists of dosage of Topiramate. It gives a mixture of 7.5 mg/46 mg (Topiramate / Phentermine HCL) and 3.75 mg/23 mg (Topiramate / Phentermine HCL), compared to the normal 37.5 mg dosages.  Qsymia dosage is given, depending on your BMI score!




Duromine is another most popular brand of Phentermine dispensary weight loss supplement. This is a prescription only medicine, meaning that it is not Phentermine over the counter diet pills. This supplement is sold in New Zealand and Australia.


Each tablet of Duromine contains 40 mg of Phentermine HCL, encrusted in unhurried release material to last you for the whole day. Take each tablet or capsule orally in the morning and it will last you for the whole day, infusing little doses of the active ingredient for all day long, just similar to other slow release pills. However, the truth about Duromine is that the prescription can only be assessable to you if you are residence in New Zealand or Australia.




Ionamin is not only one of the popular brands of Phentermine in the world, but also one of the most common brands of this weight loss supplement. It is in capsules with the word “IONAMIN 30” boldly inscribed on the container. It is the mixture of gradual release of resin and Phentermine.


Ionamin is specially planned to release little part of the medicine for the whole day. This weight loss supplement needs prescription to buy, just like other medications with this particular substance.


Final Thoughts


If you want to succeed in your weight loss program, look no further than Phentermine. It is the best diet supplement for losing weight fast. You can choose any of the above most popular brands for your weight loss program. However, make sure you seek the advice of your physician before embarking on any weight loss program or using a weight loss supplement.