Benefits of yoga for your mind and body

Workouts come and go, but there is no exercise regime which is as enduring as our own Yoga. In terms of numbers it has been more than 5000 years. A lot of people are of the opinion that yoga burns calories and aids in the development of muscles, but it is a total body mind relaxation, with medication along with deep breathing. More than 100 varieties of yoga are there, some are intense, whereas others are fast paced. To a certain extent, the intensity of yoga tends to depend on the workout you tend to choose.

The different types of Yoga

  • Hatha– it is one of the common forms of yoga and it is a combination of basic movements with breathing
  • Iyenger– it is a type of yoga which uses chairs, bricks to aid your body to move with proper alignment
  • Bikram– is referred to as hot yoga, which is a set of 26 challenging yoga poses performed in a heated room where the temperature is high
  • Power– it is a high intensity form of practice which helps in the growth of muscles

In the list of yoga classes in Mumbai, you will come across that the techniques of iyenger and Hatha are slow whereas the power and Bikram are intense workouts.

The other points you need to be aware

  • Cost- if you find your way around, all you need is a yoga mat to start of the process. You can start practicing at home as videos will cost you a lot of money
  • It is good for the beginners as well as people of all age groups who can go on to do the various yoga poses and stretches at their home
  • You can do yoga indoors or outdoors as all you need is a yoga mat. Just you need enough amount of space for a yoga mat.
  • There is no need for any equipment as you can rely on your body weight for assistance. But one would need a yoga mat, to prevent you from sliding in standing positions. Some other optional equipment would include a yoga ball for the perfect balance.

The best yoga classes in Navi Mumbai have only one thing to state that there are various types of yoga, but all of them work on the mind body connection. You can relax while gaining strength and flexibility. Yoga is also known to boost up your mood. Even though the market is flooded with various promotional stuff on yoga, it would be sensible to spend some quality time with an instructor who can guide you on the various postures of yoga.

The chances are there, that it might suit your fitness levels and mind. It works out to be a great choice if you are considering a holistic approach to your body and mind strength. Do not opt for yoga if you are looking out for a fast-paced competitive workout. Adopt an open-minded approach as there are immense mental and physical benefits associated with Yoga.

If you are suffering from diabetes or heart problems take the opinion of a doctor. In this case, some yoga postures might be a strict no like turning upside down or one which requires to have a lot of balance.