All you need to know about the male sex hormone

Testosterones are produced by the endocrine glands in the body. The pituitary glands situated in the brain signal the endocrine glands to start the secretion of testosterone which is used for many reasons in the human body. Since we discussed that it is a male thing, it is developed by the testicles which are only present in the male body. Pituitary glands are responsible for all the hormone secretion in the human body. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is only limited to men as women do not produce them in their body.

How are the testosterones created in the body?

The primary male sex hormone has many ways to be manufactured in the human body. But before we get there let us understand the various uses of testosterone in the human body. Testosterones help in the body and facial hair growth along with a deeper baritone voice. It also increases the sex drive and the ability to make an erection and maintain it for the sexual desires. The testicles not only produce the testosterone but also the sperms which help in fertility in the women. The Leydig cells in the body are also responsible for the testosterone growth in the body.

It should always be known that if the body is capable of producing its own testosterone in abundance, the injection and other supplements used to create it artificially can harm the body in depth. It can stop the natural process and cause a lot of issues. All this is important for athletes and sports persons who indulge into artificial supplements to grow the body quicker than ever.

Pituitary glands

The pituitary glands are located in the brain and are a tiny gland almost the size of a pea. It has complete control on the body to promote the hormones. It has the power to send signals to the various glands to start the production of various hormones or stop it as well. Hypothalamus is responsible to send signals to the pituitary gland in the body. Growth hormones are produced by the pituitary glands which are proteins that are needed by the body to function properly on a daily basis. Many reproductive functions such as sperm creation, semen and menstrual cycles along with egg maturation are controlled by the luteinizing hormones and the follicle stimulating hormones. All such hormones help in the sex drive among men and women. It enhances the skin development and makes the muscle formation for better functioning.

Testosterone for bodybuilding

Body builders need a lot of testosterone for the better appearance of the muscles for their carrier growth. For this they indulge into many artificial ways to increase the testosterone level. However it should be done under medical supervision as anything in excess is harmful for the body especially, if it is not natural. This can also be seen in the body as the muscle growth starts in the unwanted places such as the face and the extremities. So, ensure that you get a medical approval before you indulge into anything unnatural.