A Brief Introduction to Baby teeth and teething

It is a well-known fact that children face a lot of problems with their teeth during teething and parents tend to have a lot of questions regarding the teething habits of children. Most of you are not aware of the fact that that a baby has a complete set of 20 primary teeth at birth , however this teeth will start showing from 6 months onwards. In fact, the time from when the teeth will start showing will also depend on when the parents started showing their teeth when they were babies.

Most of you will notice that there are chances that from around six months of age, there is a chance that your baby will become crankier than normal and there is an excessive drooling that takes place. This is quite a normal procedure for babies and is a part of the entire drooling process. Apart from drooling there is a chance that the baby will mostly put everything in the mouth whatever he gets in front of him or her. This is mainly because of the pressure of the teeth which is trying to poke out. Babies normally try to deal with that pressure by trying to put something in his or her mouth. During this time, the gums also tend to get swollen and red and the gums also tend to look a little bruised.

There are certain things that you need to do when you see that your baby is having problems with teething and given below is a list of the things that you need to do when your baby is facing issues with teething:

  • It is always better to get back to feeding and refrain from feeding your baby with any solid food for a few days. But if in case your baby has a large appetite, then you continue feeding him or her solid food because it is also a way by which a baby tries to deal with the pressure of the tooth which is trying to come out.
  • There are many teething toys available which your baby can use in order to deal with the poking teeth pressure. This will at least prevent him from putting anything and everything in his or her mouth. In order to give some relief to the baby’s teething problem you can put the teething toy in the refrigerator, and then give it to the baby. This will help him to get a soothing effect on the gum. However, make sure that the toy does not become too cold inside the refrigerator.

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