9 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The HCG Diet

The success of the HCG Diet depends a lot on your mental preparation to stick to it till the end. Lots of people have benefitted from this diet plan, which exemplifies its effectiveness. However, you need to put in some amount of effort and self-control in order to make this diet plan a success. If you are considering taking up the HCG Diet to attain your weight loss goals, you need to make sure that you gain the desired results. Here are 9 effective ways to prepare yourself for the HCG Diet.

Weigh Yourself Before You Begin The Diet

Weighing yourself should be the first step of your preparation process for the HCG diet. Your present weight will act as the starting point of your weight loss journey. When you successfully complete the diet plan, you will be able to know how much weight you managed to shed by sticking to it. You can also maintain a chart where you mark every step of your progress. This will help you to remain motivated on those days when you may not see any progress.      

Get All The Necessary Supplies

There are certain things that you will require in order to follow this diet successfully. For instance, you will need a scale to weigh yourself every day. The strict protocol of the HCG Diet requires you to measure accurate quantities of ingredients when you prepare the recipes for lunch or dinner. For this, you will also need a high-quality kitchen scale. This diet does not allow you to use any kind of skincare or cosmetic items that are oil-based. So, you will have to buy oil-free products for your personal care and keep them ready before you start the diet.     

Plan And Set A Routine To Follow

A routine can help you to remain on track once you are on your HCG Diet. For instance, this diet requires you to take the HGC hormone every day in the form of injection or drops. If you forget to take the hormone for even a single day, it can have a negative impact on your weight loss progress. But when you are busy or distracted by something else in your life, it’s easy to miss out on your daily dose of the hormone. You can avoid such mistakes by setting a daily routine and following it carefully. You can fix a time for your daily HCG dose and set a reminder on your phone to ensure that you never miss it.

Do Away With Any Kind Of Junk Food At Home

It is extremely important that you do not cheat when you are on the HCG Diet. If you cheat, your weight loss progress will suffer. That is why you need to stay away from all sorts of temptations. One of the ways to do so is to clean out the junk food present in your home before you start the phase 2 of your HCG Diet. If you do not come across such temptations frequently, your chances of staying on track will increase.

Stock Up Your Fridge With HCG-Approved Food Items

The HCG Diet allows you to have only those food items that are on its approved list. It is easy to follow a good HCG diet plan when you have all necessary items stocked up in your fridge. So, you should fill up your fridge with the fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat that are allowed in the diet plan. You can also stock up the approved spices and herbs that can help you enhance your recipes.   

Increase Your Water Intake

As per the HCG Diet protocol, you will have to drink lots of water daily during this diet. This is an important part of the diet plan. Water is helpful for flushing out toxins from your body, controlling hunger, and speeding up your digestion. If you increase your water intake before beginning the diet, you will be able to prepare your body for this change. Some people don’t like drinking water in large quantities. If you count yourself to be among such people, such an early effort will definitely help you.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

It is not easy to give up on sugar, but the HCG Diet protocol demands that you avoid sugar in your food. You may find it difficult to cut out sugar all of a sudden from your diet. But if you take time to reduce your sugar intake gradually, you will be in a better position to maintain it throughout your diet. This is one of the reasons why giving up on sugar before starting the diet can help you a lot. Remember that you can’t take sugar even with tea or coffee when you are on the diet. But you can add an approved sweetener to these beverages for getting a sweet taste.    

Give Up On Your Love For Beverages

The only beverages allowed in the HCG diet plan are tea, coffee, and water. If you love alcoholic beverages or aerated drinks, you need avoid them to make a success of this diet. But you may not be able to give up on sodas and other such drinks overnight. That is why you have to practice doing so for a few days before you start the diet. If you fail to keep yourself away from such drinks, you will have to increase your self-control and keep trying till you succeed.

Experiment With Oil-Less Cooking Methods

No oil is allowed in your food when you are on the HCG Diet. You need to follow oil-less cooking methods for as long as you are on this diet. Grilling, poaching, and boiling are among the cooking methods that most HCG dieters prefer for preparing their meals. Once you have decided to follow the HCG diet, you can experiment with these cooking methods to come up with oil-less recipes of your own. You can even look for HCG diet recipes online and try cooking them.