5 Tips for Buying the Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are versatile in nature; for some just a fashion accessory but for others, the key to protecting their eyesight. We fall into both camps. The right pair of sunglasses not only looks good but will protect your eyes in harsh light environments.

If you want to know what to look for when choosing a pair of sunglasses, keep reading and we’ll provide you with a handy checklist.

Aesthetics: Choosing a Frame Shape

People often wonder how they should tell whether a pair of sunglasses suit them or not. The key is in buying a pair that provides a contrast to the shape of your face. This means that;

  • Those with round and oval faces should wear a square or rectangular frame
  • Those with the face shape of a love heart should go for a triangular frame
  • Those with square or rectangular faces should go for a round or oval frame

This may mean that you have to forego your favourite designer pair of sunglasses, but if they don’t complement the face of your shape, this shouldn’t be such a big deal. The amount of people who wear an aviator type frame which is only really suitable for more angular faces is all too common.

Choose Your Designer

If you have a preference in brand, choose a suitable frame from the many that they will offer. This might be Oakley, Ray-Ban or any other designer of your choice. Many retailers offer Lindberg sunglasses online so if those take your fancy, just order the pair you like. It might be worth checking to see whether your chosen retailer has a return policy just in case you don’t like them.

Choose a Lens

This is the most important step of all. The lenses on a pair of sunglasses shouldn’t just be dark as this in no way guarantees they will protect your eyesight. What you will actually find is the exact opposite. Lighter, more expensive lenses often offer much greater UV protection than a cheap dark tint.

Each lens should come with its own guidelines and specifications, telling you exactly how much light they transmit as well as the types of environment they’re suitable for. Oakley are very good at doing this as they concentrate on sunglasses that are functional.

Also consider a polarised lens which are great for driving, water sports and time spent on the ski slopes as they’re great for filtering glare.

Choose a Lens Colour

Finally, you’re left with your choice of lens colour. If you want a specific type and quality of lens you might find that you only have the choice of one or two colours. You can either compromise or rethink your requirements to get the colour you want. Yellow, red and green reflective lenses are great in the snow whereas brown and grey are perfect for general use.

The process of buying sunglasses can be fun – so fun in fact that you’ll quickly find yourself with a pair for every occasion or day of the week.