4 Health Considerations to Get a Bidet

You came from a staycation and wondered if you can also install a bidet in your toilet, pretty much like the one in your hotel room. The only thing that hinders you is the price. For you, it seems a bidet will cost a fortune and will be needing an expert to install one. But the truth is, the benefits it gives for your health outweigh any cost. Plus the fact that it is less of a hassle to use compared to washing self with your bare hands or with a tissue paper.

If you are still having second thoughts considering a bidet, itemized here are important considerations that will help you realize its health benefits.

Better Confidence

Did you ever feel confident and clean as you step out of the toilet? You feel so fresh and not stressed out because you are satisfied that you were able to wash after using the bathroom thoroughly. That is what a bidet lets you feel.

For senior citizens, having a bidet boosts their confidence as they can clean themselves without the need for an aide. They can also wash themselves hands-free. A bidet seat can help them regain their independence and even self-esteem.  

Better Cleaning

It is a fact that water cleans better than a tissue paper. It also provides a more soothing cleaning experience than a dry paper. A toilet paper can be abrasive to the sensitive area. It can also lead to irritation and may even damage one’s sensitive area if used forcefully.  

A bidet sprays water to the area that needs cleaning. It provides thorough yet gentle cleansing. It enables you to rinse off with water and dry yourself with a few gentle pats or a single wipe. Or you may even air dry your wet area for a few seconds before wearing your underpants.  

Better Hygiene

The use of water to clean the behind reduces the likelihood of bacteria build-up. It is like washing one’s behind hands-free. As a matter of fact, using a toilet paper spreads bacteria within the area more than the use of water. The mere fact that you didn’t use your bare hands in washing your behind promotes healthy hygiene already.  

Likewise, there are many hospital reports that improper hand washing accounts for many food-borne illnesses, viral gastroenteritis, and infectious diseases. The virus spreads quickly and is easily transmitted when people do not wash their hands especially after using the bathroom.    

Better Health Condition

The use of a bidet for those suffering from hemorrhoids is advantageous. With less abrasion,  there will be less irritation as well. Washing their behind after a hard time releasing toxin brings comfort.

For patients who just had surgery and are limited to using both hands to wash, Kohler Toilet Seats are a big help. They also give comfort and relief.   

Health Considerations to Get a Bidet

A bidet seat sprays water on one’s backside. It leaves ones behind feeling clean, fresh, and healthy. Many who have tried it once attest to the convenience and comfort it gives. Its health benefits are also immeasurable as opposed to using a toilet paper or bare hands in washing one’s backside. If you haven’t experienced one, try and feel a big difference.