10 Causes of Male Infertility

If you have been trying to have a baby for a while, you need understand something about male infertility. While the man is not wholly responsible for failed fertilization, there is a possibility you are the problem.

Here are some of the possible reasons your sperms are not fertilizing the egg.

Sperm delivery issues

Male infertility covers a wide area. Your sperm may be of standard quality and the right count per ejaculation by the problem comes with channeling the sperms from the testicles to the penis, which delivers to the vagina. Blockage of the tube from the testicles to the sperm can be caused by various factors including too much fat that interferes with the vein walls. Also, premature ejaculation affects effective delivery of sperms to the vagina.

Environmental factors

Prolonged and consistent exposure to pesticides and herbicides has dire effects on male reproductive health. The acids in these substances interfere with functionality of testosterone hence reduced or no production of sperms. During sexual activity, the semen will only come out but with zero sperms hence no fertilization. Also, exposure of testicles to high temperatures for a prolonged period damages the stored sperms in the testicles. The testicles and pelvic area should be kept cool for effective manufacturing of sperms.

Lifestyle concerns

The food we eat has direct effects on functionality of body organs and tissues. Hormones are also influenced by nutrition content in our bodies. Different types of food have different vitamins and minerals, which are significant in nourishment and triggering body processes. Testosterone, which is responsible for production of sperm largely relies on supply of nutrients through the circulatory system. If there are no necessary nutrients it becomes deficient thus incapable of producing sperms.

Besides, physical activity and pressure of life influence reproductive health in men. Stress affects production of hormones and causes erectile dysfunctions. Excessive physical activity leads to abrasion and interference of testicles hence risks of infertility.

Drug abuse

Too much of anything is poisonous. For sure, alcohol has its health benefits but it is easily addictive hence high probability of abuse. Alcohol is not digested hence remains in the blood stream waiting elimination because it is considered a foreign element thus dangerous. Accumulation of its components in the blood stream affects functioning of hormones like testosterone because they rely on mineral supply through the circulatory system, which is contaminated. Smoking and an excessive use of marijuana among other drugs also contributes to infertility in men.

Sperm production problems

Sperm production is entirely dependent on testosterone. The hormone relies on vitamins and minerals from food we eat to enable proper functioning and production of healthy sperms. Sperms carry DNA, which are attributes of a man. Any malfunctions in the human body including mental and physical damage affect activity of testosterone. When sperms are not produced in the required amount, fertilization is impossible. It is possible for a man to erect and have sex to satisfaction but fail to fertilize because the semen misses required sperm count.


Whether you want to believe it or not, age is a factor in male fertility. From the age of 40, sperm production in terms of quantity and quality significantly decreases. The deteriorating trend continues goes on as age advances. From 50 years, a man is considered lucky to fertilize an egg. Again, it goes back to lifestyle with respect to nutrition and physical exercise. Some men can fertilize after this age because of their healthy bodies, but is rare. In few occasions where this happens, the sperm quality is low hence affecting proper growth and development of the fetus. The child can survive to birth but will develop complications and might grow with body defects and immunity issues.

Hormonal imbalance

Typically, the mention of hormones only comes up when talking about female reproductive health. Of course, the female body largely operates on hormones than the male; however, imbalances in the body of a man can also cause infertility. The endocrine system, which is responsible for managing hormonal functions for different processes in the body, might fail due to health complications. Failure to release or trigger the release of appropriate amount of testosterone for production of sperms will affect fertilization. Low sperm count automatically qualifies as infertility for a man. Endocrine system functions should be examined by specialists to determine the root cause of infertility.

Cancer treatment

Cancer ranks among the causes of deaths in the world today. The disease entails manipulation of body cells, which necessitates extreme medical techniques to eliminate the foreign cells. Chemotherapy for instance, subjects the body to pain and kills body cells. Testicles ae bound to be affected in such processes. Testicular cancer also impairs function of the sperm storage organ.

Mental unrest

Stress and prolonged pressure in the mind leads to erectile dysfunction; erection largely relies on mental conception and excitement. When the mind is preoccupied, erection cannot happen hence failure to pass sperms to the vagina. There is no connection between stress and sperm count and quality. However, sex desire and excitement is a natural process that cannot go on without the mind.


Any type of illness can cause infertility. There is no way a sick man can get excited with sex. When the body is sick, most of the cells are focused on fighting and eliminating the bacteria, virus or whichever cause of body malfunction. Let alone chronic illness, any disease affects fertility of a man.